Country Road

There are songs that come free from the blue-eyed grass, from the dust of a thousand country roads. This is one of them.

Robert James Waller, The Bridges of Madison County

I love country roads, especially the ones who take me home… This country road is one of my favourite to walk, it is near my parents house in Bulgaria. It is great for walking the dog or capturing sunsets. It always takes me to a beautiful view and a lovely field I can sit in and contemplate life or the majesty of nature.

I took these photos in the beginning of July, on a hot evening with the first ever colour film that I have loaded in my camera. Kodak Gold sounded quite ordinary and way too familiar from my childhood, but I decided to give it try and I am loving the results. Mix Kodak Gold and golden sunset light and you get these beautiful colours. After shooting black and white for a few months, I just needed to try colour and summer just demands it!

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