red woods

I travelled to Cong in the west of Ireland at the end of July. It is a very small village in the west of Ireland with three pubs and quite a few impressive attractions such as the remains of a medieval abbey and the incredible Ashford Castle, which functions as a five star hotel on the banks of the lake Corrib. Among the less ostentatious sites is a beautiful forest planted with non-native species by the Guinness family. Once you get on the trail, which starts across the bridge in the old Abbey, you find yourself in an enchanting wonderland of beautiful trees and plants, which cannot be naturally found in Ireland.

I went into the forest to hide from the rain and I found that the light was quite beautiful. It was a perfect opportunity to experiment with my Kodak Gold film and find out how it captures green tones. I am quite happy with the results and definitely prefer these pictures to the ones I took with my digital Canon.

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