Irish Country Sunset

The sun is setting in a burnt orange sky; the cliffs are black silhouettes; the sea, liquid silver.

 Laura Treacy Bentley, The Silver Tattoo

My summer in Ireland was great as I got to experience a lot of new places with typical countryside charm. Kilmore Quay in county Wexford didn’t go far from the postcards in souvenir shops in Dublin. It is a tiny village by the sea full of beautifully restored thatched cottages. The gods were in favour of my photography ambitions and allowed for plenty of sunlight and beautiful sunset light. I had previously discovered that the Kodak Gold film that I was shooting with performs great at sunset light, so I followed the same recipe and Ioved the results.

For years I never made an effort to work with sunset light with my digital camera, or at least I didn’t intentionally select this type of light for my pictures. Since my film experiments this summer I have really started to appreciate the warm tones and the more dreamy light of sunset. It has almost defined my film photography style and definitely given me something new to play with when taking photos.

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