Wild Beach

I must go to Nature disarmed of perspective and stretch myself like a large transparent canvas upon her in the hope that, my submission being perfect, the imprint of a beautiful and useful truth would be taken.

John Updike, The Centaur

It is more and more difficult to keep beautiful nature untarnished by people, who are never satisfied by progress, entertainment and consumption. This is the sad truth about many wild beaches in Bulgaria as they get privatised by corrupt and greedy figures. Very few remain untouched by “development”. As the rest of world becomes critical of commercial consumption, Bulgaria is trying to catch up with the “developed world” by destroying its only wealth – nature. Thankfully, some territories are still protected by law, even though that often is not enough to stop destruction.

Veleka Beach is probably the most beautiful beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and it still survives to show how nature and tourism can live in harmony. The beach is managed in a way which respects nature’s aesthetics and it attracts people who see more to it than a day on the beach. Veleka beach is unique in its proximity to a thriving river and forest ecosystems and apart from being a stunning setting for drone filming, it makes you feel one with nature.

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