Aran Adventure

It has been a strange winter, with a lot of reflection and some challenges. I had a lot on my mind and for some reason I completely forgot to update the blog. After the holidays and up to the end of February I only shot and developed one film. I have a huge backlog of summer and autumn pictures that I haven’t shared yet, but for some reason I can’t help feeling they are just too out of season now.

Now that the entire world is facing a new challenge and everyone is caught up by it, we all have more time on our hands to reflect, to read, to look through pictures and to spend time with the people we love, but ultimately to get more connected with the things that most matter to us. As we have to restrict our travelling these days, we only have photos to keep the travel bug alive. My birthday was at the end of February and I spent it on Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands. I just developed the film, so I think it is timely to share the photos.

The day we arrived we were racing against time as there was a big storm expected, so shortly after getting off the ferry and having lunch, we rented bikes and rode 8 km to reach the island’s most stunning attraction – Dun Angus. We were prepared for the storm to hit anytime, so we were very grateful for the patchy sunshine and the unexpectedly warm weather. The benefit of visiting such popular tourist attractions off season and before an upcoming storm is that you have the place to yourself. The journey to Dun Angus was as pleasant as the destination with a lot of beautiful views along the way. What came after it was beyond the imagination. Places like Dun Angus and their majestic beauty can only be described with images.

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