After the Storm

The second day of our stay on Inishmore was incredibly stormy. The rain had started the previous evening and the strong gusts of wind could be heard howling through the night. We had luckily booked a B&B right next to two of the three functioning pubs, so we visited one of them for lunch and spent the rest of the day in bed, in the warm room. Even the short 2 minute trip to the pub was very unpleasant, it was like walking through a washing machine on high spin.

Towards the evening right before sunset the sun finally made an appearance and the winds began to slow down. I decided I had to take a walk and try to catch some scenes in the evening light. Wrapped in my biggest lamb wool sweater and my warmest jacket, with a wool scarf over my mouth I went outside. The wind was still very strong and freezing and even though I ended up having a cold the images were worth it.

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