Dirty Old Town

“Dublin is a city where there’s familiarity without friendship, loneliness without solitude”

Brendan Behan

I have always loved the rugged beauty of Dublin. There is a lot of charm in the old part of the city and a lot of warmth in the old brick buildings. Dublin has a lot of character and for a big city it can feel quite cosy. Somehow I always felt like I have been living in a big city with small town charm. Maybe this is why I stayed for so long.

I have been lucky to live in the heart of the city, so I could walk everywhere and feel most places very familiar, like the entire city was my neighbourhood. Just like any place I have lived in the past, it will feel like going home, even after I leave. Dublin gave me many opportunities to grow and learn, and it gave me a nice home and a chance to experience a lifestyle I didn’t have before. The city was generous to me, but sadly it didn’t give me many friendships. In the end living a great life means nothing if you can’t share it with anyone. Being welcomed and accepted is not always enough, you also need to feel understood.

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