Wild Flowers

Every weed is a flower, or so I think. Dublin in summer is covered with this particular kind of wild flower growing out of stone walls, by footpaths, literally everywhere. I don’t know what is the name of the exact species of plant but it comes in 3 different colors – pink, red and white. It is especially spectacular in places, where it grows by the coast. The Irishtown Nature Park trail, in Sandymount was absolutely stunning when I took these images in July. I have been very quiet here for a few months, as I have been working on another project almost non-stop, but today I decided to finally share this summer memory.

Ireland is known for the dramatic light, especially on the coasts. It attracts painters and photographers, to capture these picturesque scenes. I was lucky to be on the trail at low tide and right before a rain storm hit the city, which made for these images.

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