I love visiting places that are not famous. There are so many beautiful places and towns around the world that are off the beaten path and visiting them is a much more personal experience. You get to truly feel a sense of discovery, which is hard to get when you are surrounded by hoards of […]

Low Tide

I have completely let go of the idea of posting images seasonally. I somehow never make it on time to post film images that match the season outside, but maybe this timeliness we are used to with digital images is not of such a great value after all. This is why I continue with sharing […]

Galway Bay

May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten. Irish Blessing I have always loved the time spent by the sea in Ireland, being near the water is always so peaceful and so enchanting. the The fierceness of the Atlantic Ocean especially, has always been so captivating for me. […]

Dirty Old Town

“Dublin is a city where there’s familiarity without friendship, loneliness without solitude” Brendan Behan I have always loved the rugged beauty of Dublin. There is a lot of charm in the old part of the city and a lot of warmth in the old brick buildings. Dublin has a lot of character and for a big […]

South Side

Dublin is divided in North and South Dublin by the river Liffey. The south side is full of equal parts of vintage charm and hipster vibe. Even though some might find it too posh for their taste, I certainly love its aesthetic. I love taking walks around the neighbourhoods on the south side, as they […]